New Square Chambers is the home of three annual flagship conferences: The Lewin Conference, The Three Books Conference, and The Hollington Conference. Additionally, our members are frequently invited to speak at conferences around the world, as well as delivering seminars and lectures to clients, both in person and remotely, across Chambers’ areas of expertise. 

Please contact John Campbell should you wish to arrange a seminar or lecture, whether from our existing menu or in relation to a bespoke topic.

Past Events

24 Mar 2021

Justin Perring Webinar Series: Freezing orders: tips for preparing for, responding to and managing the nuclear option

Justin Perring

19 Mar 2021

Simon Adamyk to speak at the Assets of Community Value Webinar hosted by MBL Learn Live

Simon Adamyk

18 Mar 2021

10@12 Webinar Series with Paul Wilmshurst & James Saunders - Informal dealings with land and property: 10 common issues

Paul Wilmshurst
James Saunders

11 Mar 2021

Charities Conference: Bringing together the latest developments in charities, across a range of practice areas.

William Hopkin
Alexander Learmonth
Jessica Powers
Raj Sahonte

25 Feb 2021

Chapter & Verse Webinar Series with Alexander Learmonth - Theobald on Trusts: Secret Wills

Alexander Learmonth QC

14 Jan 2021

Chapter and Verse Webinar Series with Aidan Briggs

Aidan Briggs

16 Dec 2020

Insolvency Law Winter Update

Jessica Powers
James Saunders

10 Dec 2020

10@12 Webinar Series: The 10 Pillars of Charity Law

William Hopkin

01 Dec 2020

Insolvency Beyond Brexit

James Davis

26 Nov 2020

10@12 Series Webinar: Ten top tips for 1975 Act claims; how to bring claims to settlement quickly

Aidan Briggs

20 Nov 2020

10:12 Series: Ten Tips on Avoiding a Limitation Pitfall in Insolvency Proceedings

Stephen Schaw Miller
Jessica Powers

19 Nov 2020

The Lewin Conference 2020

Robert MacRae
Lynton Tucker
Nicholas Le Poidevin, Q.C.
Simon Adamyk
Aidan Briggs
Hermione Williams
Leigh Sagar

22 Oct 2020

The Hollington Conference 2020

Robin Hollington QC
David Eaton-Turner
Jessica Powers

14 Oct 2020

Lehtimaki and ors v Cooper [2020] UKSC 33: A Guide for Charity and Trust Practitioners

Aidan Briggs
Will Hopkin

13 Oct 2020

All You Need to Know About DeFi

Leigh Sagar

29 Sep 2020

10@12 Series: 10 Top Tips for Winning Prescriptive Rights of Way Claims

Paul Wilmshurst

21 Sep 2020

Proprietary Estoppel Update: “Great Expectations or Hard Times?”

Aidan Briggs

27 Aug 2020

Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 Q&A

David Eaton Turner
Jessica Powers

11 Aug 2020

10@12 Series: 10 Top Tips for Winning Boundary Disputes

Paul Wilmshurst

29 Jul 2020

The Validity of Termination Charges in Damages Based Agreements

Chris Snell

21 Jul 2020

Insolvency Update: Personal and Corporate Insolvency

James Davies
James Saunders

17 Jun 2020

New Square Thursday: Tax Consequences of Setting Aside Voidable Transactions on the Grounds of Mistake

Rodney Stewart Smith

21 May 2020

New Square Thursday: A Grand View of Powers

Nicholas Le Poidevin QC
Lynton Tucker

13 May 2020

The Three Books Conference | Trusts & Estates

Editors and contributors to three leading practitioners' texts speak on unsatisfactory personal representatives and trustees and what can be done to control or get rid of them.

Master Shuman
Aidan Briggs
Alexander Learmonth
Nicholas Le Poidevin
Raj Sahonte
Stephen Shaw Miller
Hermione Williams
Mark Hubbard