New Square Chambers is the home of three annual flagship conferences: The Lewin Conference, The Three Books Conference, and The Hollington Conference. Additionally, our members are frequently invited to speak at conferences around the world, as well as delivering seminars and lectures to clients, both in person and remotely, across Chambers’ areas of expertise. 

Please contact our Practice Managers should you wish to arrange a seminar or lecture, whether from our existing menu or in relation to a bespoke topic.

Past Events

05 May 2022

Lewin Conference 2022

New Square Chambers is home to Lewin on Trusts. Since our last live conference in 2019, the 20th edition has been published, and is celebrated as the leading publication on Trusts by the UK's most revered academics and practitioners.

Guest: Robert MacRae, Deputy Baliff of Jersey
Nicholas Le Poidevin Q.C
Lynton Tucker
Mark Hubbard
William Hopkin
Sarah Egan
James Saunders

27 Apr 2022

Charities Conference 2022

New Square Chambers would like to invite you to our '2022 Charities Conference'. We will cover the latest developments in the law affecting charities and provide expert analysis on this year's issues.

Alexander Learmonth Q.C
Leigh Sagar
Stephen Schaw Miller
William Hopkin
Aidan Briggs

10 Mar 2022

The Origins and Evolution of Charity Law - Will Hopkin

Will Hopkin reflects on the colourful and surprising evolution of charity law and procedure, starting with the Tudors and ending with the seminal judgments of the early 1800's. At the same time, he explains how judicial fashions and changes in society, in that period, have shaped the law of charities in 2022.

Will Hopkin

03 Feb 2022

'Tort of Bribery'

Jian Jun (JJ) Liew will cover the lesser know tort of bribery, which has significantly expanded in scope in recent years, and how the tort can be used in commercial litigation.

Jian Jun Liew

02 Feb 2022

Property and probate for cohabiting couples

The session will cover the following - The TR1, the declaration of trust, rectification/recission and negligence claims for conveyancers; The rights of unmarried partners during lifetime- the limited scope of Stack v Dowden in joint proprietor cases -v- Oxley v Hiscock in single proprietor cases & equitable accounting; The lack of rights for unmarried couples post death & unfavourable tax treatment; Cohabitee Inheritance Act claims - qualifying relationships; quantum, the balancing of claims (children, spouses, etc) & a summary of recent case law; An interactive case study.

Alexander Learmonth QC
Aidan Briggs
James Saunders
Michelle Rose (VWV)
Emily Roskilly (VWV)

09 Dec 2021

'Santa Clauses' - A seasonal webinar on clauses in commercial agreements

🎄What better way to celebrate Christmas than with an update on all things clauses?🎄 Join James McKean for a review of the law of penalty clauses, onerous / unusual clauses, and incorporation of clauses following Blu-Sky Solutions Limited v Be Caring Limited [2021] EWHC (Comm), in which he appeared for the defendant.

James McKean

07 Dec 2021

"How To..." Pupillage Seminar Programme

New Square Chambers will be hosting 4 sessions as part of our "How To..." winter seminar Pupillage programme. In the first two sessions, members of our Pupillage Committee, together with our current pupil and junior tenants, will be dispensing guidance on all elements of the pupillage application and interview process. In the New Year, we’ll be focussing on key oral advocacy skills (including how to transfer those skills to pupillage interviews) with two interactive sessions on mooting and debating. - 07/12/21 @ 17:00: “How to Apply for Pupillage” - 14/12/21 @ 17:00: “How to Interview for Pupillage” - 18/01/22 @ 17:00: “How to Moot” - 25/01/22 @ 17:00 : “How to Debate”. In-person places are strictly limited, but virtual attendance is equally welcomed. Book your place now by emailing

Jessica Powers, Jeff Hardman, Will Hopkin, James Saunders, Laura Webster, Jian Jun (JJ) Liew & Millie Rai.

02 Dec 2021

The last in our 10@12 series for 2021: THE USE AND ABUSE OF UNJUST ENRICHMENT.

The talk will cover the basics of unjust enrichment claims, where they can and cannot be advanced and the nuances that can maximise their effectiveness (such as by accessing security interests).

James Saunders

16 Nov 2021

The Property Litigation Association (PLA) present Justin Perring: Break clauses in commercial leases – pain relief!

Justin Perring hosts this webinar,discussing some of the issues encountered when drafting break clauses and when seeking to exercise them, and how the courts have dealt with disputes. Break clauses are a central feature of many commercial leases, and the pandemic has brought them into sharper focus. Although a useful tool, they remain a frequent source of dispute, with potentially severe consequences for the losing party.

Justin Perring

06 Oct 2021

10@12 Series: Negligent and fraudulent misrepresentation in relation to real property

Negligence and fraud are concepts which often arise in the context of dealings with property and land where representations have been made either as part of a “sales pitch” or in response to carefully drafted questions. Sometimes the representations are made by public authorities, agents or third parties. But yet as a Judge once said: “Words are more volatile than deeds. They travel fast and far afield. They are used without being expended and take effect in combination with innumerable facts and other words. Yet they are dangerous and can cause vast financial damage.” This short talk will aim to be a primer for dealing with such cases in a practical way.

Paul Wilmshurst

22 Sep 2021

Beddoe Applications: Practice, Pitfalls and Protection

Gathering together the collected wisdom of the editors of Lewin on Trusts and the recent caselaw concerning Beddoe applications and the protections which trustees should seek before issuing or defending proceedings. In particular, addressing: Claims against trust assets, such as proprietary estoppel or constructive trust claims; Cash-poor trusts and funding solutions for trustee; Tactical issues with parties and disclosure; Proceedings across several jurisdictions; and the effect of Beddoe relief in relation to trustees’ indemnities, and the burden of setting aside the court’s order

Aidan Briggs

24 Jun 2021

10@12 Webinar Series with James Davies and Justin Perring - Ensuring the effective compromise of Trusts and Estates

James Davies and Justin Perring will be looking at the practical steps and formalities required to turn an agreed settlement into a binding compromise. They will be looking at particular issues including the compromise of contentious probate disputes, approving settlements on behalf of protected parties, and the role of executors.

Justin Perring & James Davies

03 Jun 2021

The Three Books Conference

New Square Chambers is home to three of the leading texts for private client practitioners: Lewin on Trusts, Theobald on Wills and Williams, Mortimer & Sunnucks: Executors, Administrators & Probate. Chambers is delighted to reveal the full programme for The Three Books Conference to be held on 3rd June.

Alexander Learmonth QC
Nicholas Le Poidevin QC
Aidan Briggs
Guy Adams
James McKean