The last in our 10@12 series for 2021: THE USE AND ABUSE OF UNJUST ENRICHMENT.

Thursday 02 Dec 2021


James Saunders


Online, via Zoom.



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James’ talk will discuss a number of recent 2020-2021 decisions in the field and will address topics including:

  1. The interaction between unjust enrichment and contract 
  2. Recovery of sums paid pursuant to a judgment later set aside 
  3. Severability and partial failure of basis (particularly in the context of commercial rent claims but also of broader application) 
  4. Restitution/adjustments following rescission 
    1. Protecting rescission interests in land transactions
    2. “Rescission Trusts”
  5. Unjust Enrichment Defences 
    1. Change of position in preference claims
    2. Change of position and disenrichment
    3. S.1157 Companies Act 2006
  6. Limitation Periods 
DATE: Thursday 2nd December, 2021
TIME: 11am
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