Established Practitioners


We invite applications for tenancy from established practitioners who can demonstrate expertise in our core practice areas, outstanding ability and achievement at the Bar, and a proven commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

For further information or for an informal discussion please contact our Interim Senior Clerk, Michelle Greene. All enquiries will be kept in the strictest confidence.


Diversity and Inclusion

The current make-up of members of Chambers does not reflect our diverse and inclusive culture. We know that actions speak louder than words, so rather than just state our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we have taken and are taking steps to significantly improve diversity and inclusion across the board. With respect to recruitment, we already have a number of initiatives in place to encourage applications from female, BAME, disabled and socially mobile pupillage candidates, and for established practitioners, we are in the process of implementing measures to improve diversity and inclusion, social responsibility, and wellbeing in Chambers. In particular:

  • We have sub-committees dedicated to addressing Chambers' environmental impact, the wellbeing of staff and members, and CSR;
  • We are enrolled in the Heart of the City Foundation Programme;
  • It is now Chambers’ policy to undertake regular internal gender and race pay gap reporting for staff and members;
  • We are establishing an internal QC development programme, designed to share experience and assist future silk applicants; and
  • We have improved and expanded on our already generous parental leave policy to ensure that all members who take a planned or unplanned career break because of caring responsibilities or ill health are properly supported during their time away from Chambers, and when they return to work.

We strongly encourage applications for tenancy from female, BAME, disabled and socially mobile practitioners. 

If you wish to discuss any matters relating to diversity and inclusion in advance of, or in the course of applying for tenancy, please contact our EDOs: Alexander Learmonth and Raj Sahonte. Again, all discussions will be kept in the strictest confidence.