We are a collegiate and friendly set, with a strong track record of recruiting pupils who go on to have successful careers at the Bar. We recruit one pupil per annum, for a 12-month pupillage starting in October. Pupils will be exposed to a broad range of Chambers’ work through having a number of different supervisors throughout the pupillage year. Further, there is ample opportunity for pupils to be instructed and appear in Court in their own right in the second six-months of pupillage.


Why choose New Square Chambers?

If you are interested in business and property law, be it trusts, wills, commercial disputes, civil fraud, insolvency or real property, and want to undertake pupillage at one of the leading commercial chancery sets, then we might be the Chambers for you. Many of our members, across the breadth of seniority in Chambers, are ranked as leaders in their particular specialist fields, and appear in significant cases both in England and Wales, and offshore jurisdictions.

Pupillage at New Square Chambers is an intense, but rewarding and mentally stimulating experience. We aim to provide you with the skills and experience that you will need to build a fantastic career. You will be supported throughout your pupillage, both by virtue of our “open door” policy and through pastoral support from the pupillage team.

At New Square Chambers, we are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion at the Bar through recruitment. We run a number of initiatives specifically targeted to prospective pupillage applicants, including our Social Mobility Mini-Pupillage and our seminar programme for prospective applicants. We strongly encourage applications from female, BAME, disabled and socially mobile candidates.


What we look for in applicants

We assess pupillage applicants in accordance with the criteria which we consider are necessary or desirable for pupils and prospective tenants to have, including but not limited to:

  • We would generally expect candidates to have a 2:1 or above at undergraduate degree level and a "Very Competent” on the BTPC (or equivalent);

However, we welcome applications from candidates who have an atypical educational background, and encourage them to demonstrate other exceptional personal achievement and motivation when applying. Additionally, we, of course, take into account extenuating circumstances.

  • Oral advocacy skills;
  • Written advocacy skills;
  • Good communication skills, orally and writing;
  • Analytical ability;
  • Interpersonal skills;
  • A commitment to the Bar;
  • A commitment to or interest in one or more of Chambers’ practice areas;
  • Focus and drive;
  • An ability to deal with conflict, stressful and difficult situations; and
  • An ability to work independently.


Pupillage Structure

We offer one 12-month pupillage, terminable after six months by either Chambers or our pupil, which carries an award of £65,000. Pupils undertake four “seats” of three months, each with a different pupil supervisor, in order to experience the full range of Chambers’ work. However, pupils will also be exposed to the practices of other members of Chambers, and are encouraged to undertake work for a number of other members of Chambers.


How to apply

Chambers recruits through the Bar Council’s Pupillage Gateway. We do not accept, and will not consider, applications made other than through the Bar Council’s Pupillage Gateway, unless candidates request a reasonable adjustment.

The submission window for applications for pupillage commencing in October 2023 will open on 5 January 2022 at 11:00, and will close on 15 February 2022 at 14:00. Two rounds of interviews will take place between 15 February 2022 and 6 May 2022; successful candidates will be notified through Pupillage Gateway of the status of their application.

Any offer of pupillage will be made on 6 May 2022.



Michael Booth QC is the head of the pupillage committee and is assisted by the pupillage co-ordinator, Jeff Hardman. Any enquiries in respect of pupillage should be made to Jeff Hardman on +44 (0)20 419 8000 or at pupillage@newsquarechambers.co.uk.


Social Mobility Mini-Pupillage

Please click here to learn more about this initiative. 


Further Information

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