Essay Competition launched to honour Stephen Lawrence Day

22 Apr 2021


Today is the fourth National Stephen Lawrence Day. 


The Stephen Lawrence Foundation was established amid unprecedented growing global awareness of racial inequality. Its objective is to inspire a more equal and inclusive society, and to foster opportunities for marginalised young people in the UK.  One important strand of the Foundation’s work is to create career opportunities for under-represented young people.


New Square Chambers believes that the Bar is improved for the public and practitioners alike by increasing the diversity of those engaged in the profession. Key parts of UK society continue to be underrepresented at the Bar, as highlighted by the Diversity at the Bar report published in January 2021 by the Bar Standards Board:


Women constitute 38.2% of the Bar, compared to an estimate of 50.2 per cent of the UK working age population.


Barristers from minority ethnic groups make up 14.1% of those at the Bar.


A disproportionately high number of barristers attended a UK independent school between the ages of 11-18: of those providing information on school attended, just over one in three attended an independent school in the UK.


To further the message of Stephen Lawrence Day and the Foundation, and to support access to the Bar for those from underrepresented backgrounds, we are excited to announce the launch of the Stephen Lawrence Day Essay Competition. The competition is open to 16-18 year olds attending a State or Grammar School or College, and the winners will receive career support from Chambers and a legal book token.


Further information about Stephen Lawrence Day and the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation can be found here: 


Please click here to view our competition flyer.