Alexander Learmonth QC sworn in at Westminster Hall

01 Nov 2021

Barrister Alexander Learmonth was this morning sworn in at Westminster Hall as Queen’s Counsel, following receiving his letters patent in March this year. New Square Chambers are delighted to see Alex elevated to QC, following years of high praise for his Chancery work.

The most recent edition of Chambers and Partners UK Bar describe him as:

"A persuasive advocate with fantastic technical expertise, who displays great attention to detail. He presents well to clients, and is quick to identify their objectives and find an approach tailored to them";


"Just so dynamic, he always sees an angle that improves the client's position. He is always looking for pressure points in a case, and all his points are meritorious."

Alex’s Silk Day sees him donning the more-than 50-year-old wig worn by Raymond Evershed K.C., later 1st Baron Evershed, sworn in to King’s Counsel in 1933.


Alexander Learmonth QC