The BTA litigation trundles on

26th September 2012

In the latest decision (handed down on 21.9.12) the Commercial Court has ruled that a defendant who has entered into transactions in breach of a freezing order can be ordered to take steps to assist in the invalidation of the transactions before a court overseas.

The decision of the Court of Appeal on Mr. Ablyazov's appeal against his conviction for contempt of court, his 22 month sentence of imprisonment and orders that he surrender to custody and be debarred from defending the substantive proceedings, is now expected to be handed down early in the new term.

Members of chambers representing the claimant bank in the proceedings in the English courts (which have so far generated in excess of 40 reported decisions) are Stephen Smith QC, Nigel Hood, Tim Akkouh, Emily Gillett, Caley Wright and Anna Littler.

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